My 3 gremlins

My Corgi babies are all spoken for and will be heading home soon. I have lots of mixed emotions about sending my babies on to their new homes…anal,controlling ones of noone can take as good as care as I can, sad that they are leaving me and I won’t be seeing their happy little faces every day and I am excited because I KNOW they are going to make their new families so very happy and add something special to their world. This last reason is why in part that I breed dogs. The people that I have met have become extended family and close friends and are simply such a positive part of my life. The dogs themselves add so much to my world and my family’s that I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without all my dogs – I know that is what I do for others as well with my pups. So, even though I run a gamut of emotions over them ,the gifts they give with the coming and the going are worthwhile.