I am a 43 yo (almost) RN,mom,wife,daughter,sister. I have been running around with a camera attached to my arm for years. I started off with a Canon EOS 350, accrued a bagful of lenses and never took my camera off auto! Three years ago I moved up to a Canon 10D.  The following year I met Lisa C. , a wonderful photographer, and she took the time to teach me how to get more out of my camera and I have been off and running since then. I have been a Flickr addict for almost a year,355 days andd what a wonderful ,wonderful addiction that is!

 I lost my father last year and that has been a major catalyst in my wanting to start something new, something creative. That is how In The Garden Photography came to be. I love children and truly enjoy capturing their personalities as well as their smiles. Being a dog fanatic as well, I love taking pics of animals and best yet when I get children & animals! I am looking forward to the adventures to come this year!