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I am having a special for seniors – the first 3 seniors to book sessions will recieve a full session for 50.00. I am also offering a special for weddings at 500.00 for a full 8 hours coverage. Please write me for details

Dylan and the Frog

this is simply the coolest picture ever! My grandson was on a major kick of catching and trying to raise his frogs as friends – he was very proud of this little guy!


I had a blast getting these shots of Laura. My friend,Lisa, came out to play and brought all her cool toys – light meter, lights,battery pack,reflectors – it was all so much fun and of course I feel that I not only want that stuff I NEED it! 🙂 We found an old red building,and then went over to the old train depot at the Chamber of Commerce – it was a red day all around!

Dylan and Braiden

The tools available to us today offer us so many options beyond just a color picture or even black and white. Photoshop opens up a world of creativity that is only limited by our imagination.

Senior template

It is time to start thinking of pics for our upcoming seniors! We have lots of great places to go and take pics, the beach, the parks, I have even found a great place with antique trucks! All sessions booked before June 1st will recieve a 25% discount off any size session fee.

Bluebonnet girl

I have had my website up long enough to think I need to clean house, paint the walls (so to speak), and start afresh! Tell me what you think of the changes!!

Being a total Flickr addict I have been looking at little girl pics and I love the idea of tea parties and dress up days…I never did that sort of thing but I really love the pics that I have seen of tea parties and such. I am going to look for a little girly table and chairs,maybe paint it a pretty color, I think my mom still has the giant Andy doll,but maybe not…maybe my sisters,anyhoo I think I would love to do that as well. I have spent my weekend making tutus – 5 to be exact in varying colors and combinations there of, I even have little rosebuds to put on some. I will have to get some pics of them. I think I am so attracted to little girl things because I have absolutely none to spoil of my own 🙂

New Logo

Bluebonnet Day went off beautifully! My friend Jessica and youngest son,Devon came and brought pizza and helped to watch and keep the kiddos occupied. I was busy for a straight 3 hrs and really feel like I took some wonderful pictures of some truly beautiful children! What a pleasure the whole experience was!

 I new friend,Jessica Oatman, designed my new logo and I LOVE it! She put a hibiscus in the logo ,unbeknowest to her that it was one of my dad’s and mine favorite flowers. Seems like God whispers and let us know he is indeed with us and all is well!

We will meet on Melody Lane @ 5:30. I will be there until sunset, 7:30. See ya’ll there!

 Change of plans…we found a place @ Tom Bass Park with bluebonnets & will meet there!

My 3 gremlins

My Corgi babies are all spoken for and will be heading home soon. I have lots of mixed emotions about sending my babies on to their new homes…anal,controlling ones of noone can take as good as care as I can, sad that they are leaving me and I won’t be seeing their happy little faces every day and I am excited because I KNOW they are going to make their new families so very happy and add something special to their world. This last reason is why in part that I breed dogs. The people that I have met have become extended family and close friends and are simply such a positive part of my life. The dogs themselves add so much to my world and my family’s that I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without all my dogs – I know that is what I do for others as well with my pups. So, even though I run a gamut of emotions over them ,the gifts they give with the coming and the going are worthwhile.

Flickr Photos

November 2020