My cousin told me about a good sized patch of bluebonnets nearby (Pearland-Friendswood area) and I am going to check it out and then schedule a Bluebonnet date for folks to come and have a mini-session for their family,children & pets. Will be posting date (s) soon!

My dad died a year ago today. Multiple myloma won the fight and my dad passed quietly. We spent the last two weeks just being together at his house,my sisters and brother and all my dad’s friends and family coming and going. It was a good send off – we all said the things we needed to say but it was the hardest two weeks of my life. This last year has been a challenge in that I can’t call my dad and I know he won’t be calling me, can’t come by and see the kids or my newest litter – or even my new website. My camera has been like therapy for me,something to immerse myself in and just not be here,if you know what I mean.

The last few weeks I have felt much better,I haven’t fought the daily sadness of my loss but reveled in the spring coming ,the love of my family and friends and truly just been grateful. I know my dad would be so upset to know that daily I missed him so much that I could barely function . Today was a good day, I stayed busy all day and the music seemed to all be about living now,enjoy it now,love it now – it all seemed to be an affirmation to live – like my dad was running my mp3 player. I know it is a weird thought but I do feel that way. I miss my dad, I miss his voice and his stupid jokes, I miss him puttering around in the kitchen – I just miss him. they say it gets easier but sometimes I am just not sure.

In the Garden Photography is now official!
What do you think?

If you catch any mispellings or wrong tense,please let me know because I get to looking at it and I don’t see the mistakes I have seen them so many times!!

Well, I am pleased – I like the colors,can’t believe I actually figured out all this stuff for the flash galleries, even a proofing gallery and my gosh I even have a BLOG!! Holy cow – what a busy day! though I have had only about 5 hours of sleep in the last two days. Ok that is done and now I can stop obsessing and hopefully get on with my life! Oh ,yeah I need to design some business cards. Oh,well tomorrow is another day!

This is one of my fave shots…I just love all the feet. They are all so expressive,curling this way and that,held open or trying to hide away.

I am working on my new website,trying to get it all together and feel like I am swimming in mud! I bought a great template from and truly it is pretty easy – fairly intuitive but I just can’t seem to connect the dots.

Hopefully I will get this altogether soon. Next , I will be gathering my photos for my portfolio.

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